Heaven Now Is Only A Step Away.

Beyond Our Illusions, Our Mindset Is a Sacred Place of Infinite Possibilities.

You Can Escape From The Prison of Your Own Mind. The Secret to Get There is to Learn How to Use The Adversity in Your Life for Mindful Greatness.

-Frank Lane

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An inspiring message from an inspiring man with a passion for healthy people and a healthy planet. John Robbins

Author, Diet For A New America, and The Food Revolution

An inspiring work that points to what lies beyond separation and judgment. Frank takes us beyond good/ bad, success/failure to the potential to use every circumstance, even the most adverse, to open the gates to Heaven Now. Jason Brody, M.S.,

Founder and Facilitator, The Awakening Intensive

This book will awaken every cell in your body for an enchanted life: Profound, deeply insightful, life changing, and priceless wisdom for living with Mindfulness. Extinguishes depression and sadness. Anandi Brogatzki

Spiritual Teacher

In his powerful new book, Be In Heaven Now, Author Frank Lane shows us all how to use the adversity and challenges in our life to excel, and create Heaven on Earth. Craig Steven Phillips

Tao and Qigong spiritual teacher, Ordained by His Holiness the Dali Lama

Frank has a pure heart and a clean soul…..and an inquisitive mind that has led him on a lifelong pursuit of truth and wisdom. I have learned many truths from Frank in the 35 years I’ve known him…..and I am pleased that he has taken the time to share his spiritual inspirations with others in “Be In Heaven Now!”  Enjoy the book! Ami Bergstrom

Explorer and Adventure Seeker


Stop the Animal Holocaust with Compassion – Join the March – Please Sign the Petition

Our mission is to awaken the blindness to the animal holocaust and its resulting devastation to our mental, physical, and spiritual health. Our goal is to affect a historic worldwide social justice march for an awakening of Carnism; the invisible belief system, or ideology, that conditions people to eat certain animals causing great social injustice to all life. Sign the Petititon Here:...

How to Live Spiritually Awake!!!

The book Be In Heaven Now is about Living Spiritually Awake, that advocates veganism as a spiritual practice to truly understand God.  Here are the questions that shine light on the answer: What is the connection between veganism and spirituality? Vegan Spirituality takes us beyond our disguises, honoring the sacredness that is within each of us. Every person yearns for a better world, a higher quality of life. It is this connection between veganism and spirituality that creates an ocean of kindheartedness, love, and compassion. What do you say to people with similar religious views that are still eating meat? As a Christian Taoist, I fervently say; Meat is murder that addicts and kills like the drug heroin. The taste of blood is an addicting substance filled with a holocaust of torture and suffering.  We are what we eat. So, is it any wonder why the taste for blood has driven the world to hatred, war, and terror?  The world violently suffers because of its insatiable addiction to animal products. When your stomach becomes a graveyard of abject torture, you become what you eat; suffering. We have a common dream for vegan ethics for loving kindness as vigilant as Dr. Martin Luther King had for civil rights.   Vegan Spirituality is relevant to all faiths, or no faith.  Compassion belongs to all of us and is the next evolution in our love of life. Vegan Spirituality is not a religion. It is the substance that religion is made from; it is a lifestyle of health and respect for all life. It will enhance one’s faith in the magnificence of our...

Hello Dali, It is so nice to have you back again!

Westminister, CA At the Temple, it was sweet energy building up in many smiling faces getting ready for thousands tomorrow when the Dali Lama blesses the new Temple. The Temple is dressed for the occasion in flowing vibrant reds and yellows. Flowers everywhere and the chanting and wafting incense entered my soul, helping me remember a past life and this ever present moment. The priest dips flowers into his holy water, sprinkling the love, as I was hoping to be touched into the Now. I watched a hundred colorful robes marching by, trying to notice if I saw myself in them. Frank Lane...

Vegan Potluck & Speaker

Your Vegan Spirituality Potluck with Great Live Music and Dynamic Vegan Speaker talking about “Our Life is the Message.” This Saturday 6-11-16 at 6 PM at the private home of Frank Lane: 14071 Windsor Pl, N. Tustin, Ca 92705 – RSVP and bring friends. “Where vegans come together and end up finding a delicious community.” Please bring a vegan dish to share with about eight persons. Thank you for supporting Veganism as a means to a more loving and compassionate world. This is your invitation to join a United Vegan Community with your uniqueness, in a like-minded environment. Vegan Spirituality demonstrates vegan ethics, the social, environmental, spiritual, and economic health benefits of a vegan lifestyle. If you are a vegan for a day or a lifetime, come and enjoy the community. Vegan Spirituality is an ideal community with the goal of living the highest quality of life possible, in an ocean of kindheartedness, love, compassion, and healthful ideals for all life. Vegan Spirituality is a cooperative of support for the highest experience of living with vegan and Ahimsa (doing no harm). Vegan Spirituality is an ideal community with the goal of living the highest quality of life possible, in an ocean of kindheartedness, love, compassion, and healthful ideals for all life. Vegan Spirituality is a cooperative of support for the highest experience of living with vegan and Ahimsa (doing no harm). Our Vegan Spirituality Gatherings are renowned for Salubrious Vegan Cuisine, where people will come to eat, instead of eating to...

Be In Heaven Now

I never thought it was possible until a near death experience, when a blood vessel burst in my brain, shoving a new reality into my face, and tearing apart my life. This event brought me to my highest level of consciousness with an exalted clarity. I am here to share with you, how to Be in Heaven Now, leading to an abundant life that is only a step away in consciousness. There I was at the top of my career, having led as a CEO, 3 multi-million dollar companies I built from the ground up, when a stroke put me into a coma and the life I knew vanished due to amnesia. I recognized no one, not even myself. It was like someone pushed the control, alt, delete keys on my brain and reset my life. Imagine clearing out your mental hard drive, all those tasks, emails, every memory until it’s only you and God. I became empty enough to see my life separated from all my plans and beliefs. Finally, with all the distractions of life gone, I had the bliss to really sit down with God and have that conversation I had been anticipating my whole life. A blood vessel bursting in my brain was like my own Big Bang, the creation of my own universe.  I kept asking myself; where am I? Who am I? And Why do we even exist? Incongruously, this near death experience led me to a state of incredible bliss, insight and abundance. It was the most freeing event of my life. After seven brain surgeries with 7 weeks of hospitalization and years of rehabilitation; I had to learn, all...

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