“You would think God is for sale in all the ways religion is sold and used for aggrandizement and profit.


Religion has become a brand to gain your consumer loyalty. It is this marketing segregation of God that divides the world.”

Frank Lane

Foreword by Dr. Brian Weiss

about the Author Frank Lane:

“My life is my message.” Gandhi

Frank has been living the Be In Heaven Now principles for most of his life. He attributes his “turning point” when he started having “talks” with God as a child and then when he read his first transformational book, Be Here Now by the spiritual teacher and Harvard professor, Ram Dass at 15 years of age. Soon after, he made his first spiritual declaration by becoming a vegetarian to honor the sacredness of all life. Beatle George Harrison influenced him, where he found in those teachings a “higher love.” As Frank puts it, “George is one of my favorite life hiking guides to the Promised Land. George had an insatiable thirst for God and is a great example of a true seeker.”

As part of his grand experiment to experience God, Frank became free of drugs, alcohol, violence, sexual exploitation, and anything that could harm our life-force, for a clearer view on living a spiritual life. That is when he first realized that we do not have to be slaves to our conditioning, but rather, explorers discovering the magnificence of existence, by evolving mindfulness. Frank has never looked back and has maintained a spiritual lifestyle of service, meditation, prayer, yoga, hiking, contemplation, writing, a plant strong diet, world travel, all with the intention of self-discovery, to understand his Creator. He gets high from discovering and being part of the magnificence of love, compassion, and service everywhere in his marvelous world. Most of his life, he has sought out or ran into events that help to move mindfulness and understanding of life, to what he calls “Life-Shifters.”

As an educator, one of the most important realizations Frank reveals is that life is a classroom, we are all students and everything that comes at us, is part of the curriculum that we have attracted into our life, because it is the lesson we needed to learn to move to the next level of our existence. If you understand this, your intelligence will evolve and unlimited possibilities will abound as Frank says. Something went really wrong when Frank learned about God. His religious experience was backwards. As a child, he saw himself as a spiritual being having a human existence. He saw how most are born into a religion, but he wanted to “hangout” with God without the dogma and he did so from childhood. He learned at an early age not to step in the dogma! From his earliest memories, he recalls being born out of religion and that evolution continues. Although from religious parents, he knew that God talks to each of us in our own unique way. Without segregation and the glass ceiling that keep us separated from God and each other. God has invited all of us to this party, without exclusion. Born into a reverent Catholic family, Frank was profoundly influenced by the ecumenical nature of Catholicism that birthed a life-long exploration of religion. Frank as an adolescent bounced from fundamental Christianity to early Christian teachings, studied Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam. Overtime he scratched the surface to get a sense of major religions, seeking that which connects us all. For Frank, all religions represented some aspect of God who is not exclusive to any group.

Frank’s contemporary spiritual influence came from God and His friends that had the courage to step into the light to see things without the fear of reproach; Father John Dear, John Robbins, Marianne Williamson, George Harrison, Emmett Miller, Alfred Koonin, Beth Martin Brown, Ram Dass, Anandi Brogatzki, Steve Dickson, Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith, Rick Italiane, Michael Klaper, Don Miguel Ruiz, Eckhart Tolle, Neale Donald Walsch, Wayne Dyer, Nelson Mandela, Craig Steven Phillips and Oprah Winfrey. He says, “You would think God is for sale, in all the ways religion is sold and used for aggrandizement and profit. Religion has become a brand to gain consumer loyalty. It is this marketing segregation of God that divides the world.” From his earliest conversations with God, it became clear that God lives for each of us. Even with all God’s children contesting for His attention and wanting to be favored. Frank knew God loves us all, without all the division we as children have created. This book is Frank’s gift to an evolutionary shift, so you may evolve mindfulness to greatness. Let this adventure unfold, just as all of life does so naturally. The suffering in life has the power to shift, as nothing else. You have earned a degree by your life experiences, (Life-Class) by recognizing and working with everyday events. In the classroom of life, everyday life gives you an education, if your mind is open to the wisdom and adventure. He suggests world travel adventures as the most profound experience, even if it is only in your mind. Frank began traveling around the world in his teens and never stopped; traveled over 2,000 miles on village roads in Southern India from temple to temple paying homage to the 300 million aspects of God in India on a spiritual pilgrimage through its great Hindu temples.

Frank had an exploration in Australia learning about channeling dolphin energy and their re-adaptation from domestication back into the wild. He also experienced the “dreamtime” culture of the Australian Aboriginals that believe their dreaming is their “real” life. In Indonesia, Frank became acquainted with the Islamic culture and became familiar with Hindu Gandhian teachings on Bali and in India. He traveled through the Southwest studying the American Indian traditions, going on vision quests. Frank has enjoyed decades of travel through the rural villages of Mexico. He had an affinity with the Nordic Pagan stories as he travelled through Scandinavia. In Japan, he found a great reverence for their balance with nature and the art of green tea drinking. He felt right at home in Costa Rica by connecting to their spiritual essence called Pura Vida, the “pure life.” Frank is a collector of world art for its transformational and life shifting quality. Frank received a black belt in Tang So Do karate after 15 years under Master Ralph Alegria. He practices Chi gong and studies with the, led by the admired teacher Craig Phillips. Frank is an inventor and holds multiple patents and proprietary varied technologies including solar energy and behavioral modification systems. Frank has been a CEO of three start-ups that became multi-million dollar companies including landscape architecture, building construction, and in the behavioral and material sciences. Frank’s formal education is from University of Redland’s prestigious School of Business Administration and Management, but his real education came from God. I have known Frank for over 20 years. He is true to his spiritual life. His head is in heaven and his feet are firmly on the ground. This is the basis of his teaching in a sentence. His exemplary life is his message.

Dr. Brian Weiss

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