How to Live Spiritually Awake!!!

The book Be In Heaven Now is about Living Spiritually Awake, that advocates veganism as a spiritual practice to truly understand God.  Here are the questions that shine light on the answer:

  1. What is the connection between veganism and spirituality?

Vegan Spirituality takes us beyond our disguises, honoring the sacredness that is within each of us. Every person yearns for a better world, a higher quality of life. It is this connection between veganism and spirituality that creates an ocean of kindheartedness, love, and compassion.

  1. What do you say to people with similar religious views that are still eating meat?

As a Christian Taoist, I fervently say; Meat is murder that addicts and kills like the drug heroin. The taste of blood is an addicting substance filled with a holocaust of torture and suffering.  We are what we eat.

So, is it any wonder why the taste for blood has driven the world to hatred, war, and terror?  The world violently suffers because of its insatiable addiction to animal products. When your stomach becomes a graveyard of abject torture, you become what you eat; suffering.

We have a common dream for vegan ethics for loving kindness as vigilant as Dr. Martin Luther King had for civil rights.  

Vegan Spirituality is relevant to all faiths, or no faith.  Compassion belongs to all of us and is the next evolution in our love of life.

Vegan Spirituality is not a religion. It is the substance that religion is made from; it is a lifestyle of health and respect for all life. It will enhance one’s faith in the magnificence of our existence. No matter what conviction is in our mind, Vegan Spirituality is an honoring for the miracle of life. It is a higher love without diabolical division. All are chosen, no matter how much darkness we may be in. Veganism shines the light on our divinity.

  1. What inspired you to be vegan?

When I realized that we are nothing more than our kindness. That is the highest expression of intelligence. The most attractive attribute of any person is their loving kindness. This is why the world loves Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Jane Goodall, John Robbins, and Paul McCarthy. When you live this realization, everyone will love spending time with you and the path to heaven will fall at your feet.

  1. What do you say to people that claim God wants us to eat meat?

There is nothing Godly about torture, pain, suffering and the hideous incarceration of animals. The claim that God allows us to eat meat has given us a false authority to have Slaves and sex with their children because of religious self-righteous indignation. I beseech God to forgive us for our ignorance that has led to the holocaust of animals that has violently polluted our minds and bodies.