Praise for Frank Lane:

Dr. Brian Weiss

Frank teaches us that God talks to everyone, in our own unique way, without segregation and the glass ceilings that have kept us separated from God and each other.”  ­— Dr. Brian Weiss, International Educator

Anandi Brogatzki, Spiritual Teacher

“This book will awaken every cell in your body for an enchanted life: Profound, deeply insightful, life changing, and priceless wisdom for living with Mindfulness. Extinguishes depression and sadness.”  Anandi Brogatzki, Spiritual Teacher

Jason Brody, M.S., Founder and Facilitator, The Awakening Intensive

 “An inspiring work that points to what lies beyond separation and judgment. Frank takes us beyond good/ bad, success/failure to the potential to use every circumstance, even the most adverse, to open the gates to Heaven Now.”  — Jason Brody, M.S., Founder and Facilitator, The Awakening Intensive

Dennis Estabrook MBA, MEd

“I have always considered Frank Lane one of the most intelligent individuals I have ever known. His near-death experience ascended him to an even higher level. Be In Heaven Now is a testament of evolving love, wisdom, and our greater possibilities.”  — Dennis Estabrook, MBA, MEd, Ironman World Triathlon competitor. Director; Directed Teaching Program at California State University DH

Ami Bergstrom Explorer and Adventure Seeker

“Frank has a pure heart and a clean soul…..and an inquisitive mind that has led him on a lifelong pursuit of truth and wisdom. I have learned many truths from Frank in the 35 years I’ve known him…..and I am pleased that he has taken the time to share his spiritual inspirations with others in “Be In Heaven Now!”  Enjoy the book!” Ami Bergstrom, Explorer and Adventure Seeker

Laura Maher, M.A. Auntie Mom: A Single Woman’s Unexpected Adventure into Motherhood

“My fondest memory of Frank was on his 45th birthday.  He gathered a group of ten friends to join him at a local restaurant.  He insisted we not bring gifts, voicing that our presence was a great gift in and of itself. After we ordered food, he went around the table sharing heartfelt stories and deep appreciation of each and every person in his life, and what their presence meant to him. That’s the kind of man I have always known Frank to be; a kind, selfless, generous being who models to all of us the beauty of the human spirit.” Laura Maher, M.A., Auntie Mom: A Single Woman’s Unexpected Adventure into Motherhood

Dana Gluckstein, Author and Photographer – DIGNITY

“From the moment I met Frank 25 years ago, it was clear he was on a unique spiritual quest.  His deep compassion and extraordinary life experiences are his gift to humanity.”  Dana Gluckstein, Author and Photographer – DIGNITY

Tom Jackson, MD Psychiatrist

“Frank Lane has been a dear friend for over 25 years and as a constant seeker of truth, he has been a beacon of love and light in my life. Even before his “transformation”, he was one of the most insightful, genuine and loving people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Although much of our interaction involved his provision of valuable business guidance, his quest for higher purpose in life was always a primary guiding principle. Observing Frank’s interaction with other people has often left me in awe of his amazing grace, with his non-judgmental and deeply caring attitude permeating every conversation, no matter who it might be with. Frank has been one of the greatest blessings in my life and now that he has been catapulted into even higher realms of insight I look forward to joining him in his new perspective.” Tom Jackson, MD


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